The Benefits of Indulging in Luxury Bedding

Luxury, it is what the rich and the elite surround them in, why can not you add your name to the list with luxury bedding. Luxury bedding is not too expensive and has some amazing benefits to its use. This article is going to review the reasons to switch from your consumer bedding over to…

Luxury, it is what the rich and the elite surround them in, why can not you add your name to the list with luxury bedding. Luxury bedding is not too expensive and has some amazing benefits to its use. This article is going to review the reasons to switch from your consumer bedding over to luxury, and the reasons why it is going to change your life. Many of us can not afford the nice cars or mansions, but we can afford a taste of luxury with some of the most important pieces of material in our life, our bedding. We are going to review the durability factor, temperature control, natural fabrics, lack of chemicals and last but not least show how you will get a better sleep. By the time you stop reading this you are going to be telling the hubby that you guys will be investing in a great set of sheets. Believe me, it is worth the investment and here the reasons why.

When you think of good quality high thread count cotton sheets you always thing of the great craftsmanship that goes into the sheets, the one thing that is always forgotten is the fact that they are durable. High priced sheets are the ones that are going to last you a long time. Unlike the cheaper polyester and blend sheets, these sheets are not going to wear or fade. It never looks good to have faded sheets, so the simple investment into high quality sheets is needed to stop this embarrassing trend. Both silk and cotton with high thread count and quality will last a long time, even a life time if treated correctly. How is this investment not worth it on the longevity return of these sheets.

Temperature control
When you think of a consistently hot summer night, you do not want to be hot and sticky in your bed, high quality fabrics will allow your body to breath and circulate air. The issue with polyester and blended fabrics is there are good at trapping heat, which will cause you to sweat and get uncomfortable. These natural fibers are known to wick away moisture from the skin without making your skin dry. This is going to make you healthy as dampness promotes bacterial growth, and fabrics such as silk are actually known for hydrating your skin while you sleep. The best thing, these fabrics are not going to start to stink. Cotton or Silk do not hold bacteria or moisture thus, the stench associated with sheets will be non-existent with these luxury sheets. Luxury sheets will allow the freedom of air movement, the breathability of your body craves and without the stink.

Natural Fabrics
Luxury sheets are made with only natural materials such as silk or cotton, if it is good enough for medical journals it will be great for you. The Telegraph, a newspaper in London, England, actually found that silk sheets moderate rash, itching and even cleared up yeast infections. Also, silk can alleviate joint pain and even has a mild anti aging antidote. While cotton has been shown to soothe people suffering from hot flashes, so there is relief for those 40 plus year old woman! Synthetic fibers just can not compare to this, whether is Rayon or Polyester, there is just no way they can hold their own against the natural fibers found in luxury sheets. Natural fibers make a difference, it is that simple.

Chemical Free
Ever notice that top of the line bedding only comes in two colors white and ivory. The reason behind that is luxury sheets are all natural and chemical free. The only time you will see dyed bedding is using vegetable dyes that are harmless to the environment, unlike the synthetics. The chemical dyes used in synthetic fibers are responsible for breathing problems, allergies and even have formaldehyde within their fibers. Not only are chemical dyes used, the sheets are treated with a whole array of chemicals. No-iron sheets, and fire resistant sheets have a chemical treatment to make them that way. As well, some manufactures will spray a pesticide on to prevent mold, bed bugs and mites which is not disclosed to the consumer. Luxury sheets are actually anti mold naturally, as well deter mites and create a better night sleep for those sleeping under their warmth. So the use of a chemical free natural sheet is going to improve your health and sleep!

Better Sleep
Do you have insomnia or any other sleep issues that are disturbing you or your partner, guess what luxury bedding and beds can change that. Luxury bedding is known for its think, stable and lush construction that have consistently been seen as a remedy for sleep problems. Luxury mattresses and pillows give the much needed support for your neck and back. While conforming to your body and removing pressure points found in cheaper mattresses. Plus, luxury sheets can actually anesthetize sleep as they are less abrasive to the touch! This is due to their weaving, rawness of the material and the ample threads, these all combine to the sensation of sleeping on a cloud which then in turn improves the individuals sleep experience.

Why not get your own little piece of luxury and look for a set of luxury sheets for your bed. This small change can have such a profound change on your life that it is ridiculous not making the change. We have looked out how the durability will improve, how temperature of the body will be affected, natural fibers and their benefits, how non chemical sheets can help you and last but not least how you are simply going to get a better sleep with luxury sheets . I do not know how you have not already gotten in the car and made av line to the luxury sheet section in your local store. They worth the investment, you will have better health, longevity and last but not least a better sleep what more reasons do you need? You will thank me later, believe me.